Friday, August 10, 2012

I'm Moving!

Hello crochet and knit followers of this blog,
I have decided that I may have more success if I were to seperate off of this blog and have one that is solely dedicated to knit and crochet patterns. I have loved all of your feedback and would be really happy if you chose to follow me over to my new home Please don't leave this page. I will be making guest posts from time to time as asked. Also I know Roni has some great things available for you sewers.
Thanks for all your love and comments over the last few months. I'm moving from here but not stopping completely. : )


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gathered Clutch Wallet

I loved gathered fabrics. They add a feminine flare without being too over the top, still having a lot of depth and interest. I also really love clutches, but sometimes find myself wanting more than just 1 pocket. This is a beautiful, simplistic design that I have been thinking about making for months and finally found the perfect fabric I had in mind for my first one. What do you think?
I gave my first one to someone who I thought would want a functional interior design, so this is more of a wallet on the inside including places for credit cards, cash, etc. On the bottom flap I could also include a checkbook insert if that is something you are looking for. This also includes a magnetic snap enclosure and reinforced stabilizer inside so the clutch is strong and will keep it's shape. 

 I will be making another one soon with full enclosure on the sides instead of a fold out wallet. Do you prefer the clutch with attached sides like a coin purse, or a wallet style interior?

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